Honoring the Divine Feminine

Honoring the Divine Feminine

2022 - The Age of the Aquarius

As we step into the shift of the divine feminine collective energy, the world entered into another brutal chaos with massive power struggles.

Have you ever wonder why now ? Is it all a dream ? Are we literally stepping into WW3 as we know it ?

The answer is that it is not a dream. It is always a brutal truth that the collective is shifting in high gear into the divine feminine power.

The old world order of the polarized divine masculine is breaking apart. It no longer serves us. Not for the new generation that is to come to this land.

Every shift comes with the last breath of control. Until we realized that change is only constant. It is our divine blueprint.

To always learn and experience. For eternity.

The new world order of the divine feminine requires the collective to break down the centralized control govern by the ego.

By breaking down, I don’t mean to kill the ego. It has its purpose. But to tame the ego to serve us instead.

With much love and light,

Laylas light (Jhoanne)

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