On authenticity

On authenticity

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” – C.G. Jung

One of the frequent question I got with my abstract painting was ‘Why don’t you try to paint something else like a landscape or a portrait ?’

To be fair, it is a good question. Here is my answer - Yes, I have tried in the beginning. I painting flowers, ocean view, cute animals, Mother Mary portrait, etc

But my heart didn’t sing to it you see.

Nothing makes my heart sing like the free spirited abstract nature where there is no right or wrong, structure or limitation.

Plus, I actually went into a full day of massive vertigo after I painted the Mother Mary portrait. That was a huge red sign that cameout into the physical.

So this is just a little reminder for all of us to be TRUE to WHO YOU ARE inside even if doesn’t make sense to most people.

With much love and light,

Jhoanne Asva

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