‘RA’ in motion

‘RA’ in motion

When I started this piece, it was a spur of moment when I just tore off a fresh canvas on a sunny weekday. This is when I told myself nothing beats the feel and smell of a fresh canvas….

You know when sometimes you can get stuck in an art piece for that it seems like an eternity ? 

Well, this is not the case for this piece. 

You can see that my strokes are in the KNOW. I knew exactly what I need to do in each passing moment, what color contrast needs to go at which spot. 

Sometimes I felt like my brain just shut down to that single moment, the peace of knowing that surpasses everything. 


It is the moment you know that everything will be perfect no matter what happens. 

The creation of this magnetic piece is a combination of water color ink, acrylic, chalk and spray paint. 

My friend calls it RA in motion, which means, the Sun in motion…

With much love and light, 

Jhoanne Asva

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