Turn Your Vision into Reality with a Commission Painting with Me

One of my most favorite part of doing what I do is to get a commission painting piece. This is where I get to co create with you !

I have a 3 simple steps of how you can work with me:

  • A discussion about what you want me to help with. I can help advise what will be suited to you and your space.
  • Time to paint & check in period.
  • Final reveal & shipment.
  • I want my room to be joyful !

    I was commissioned by Kim to paint a joyful piece to brighten up her room. After the delivery, she called me up to tell me that she really loved how the painting truly brought on new energy into her room like magic

  • Paint me Atlantis energy !

    I received this commission work back in 2020 where I was asked to channel the lost city of Atlantis energy into the canvas. The energy I was working with was beautiful, peaceful and magnetic.

  • Airbnb in Bangkok !

    I was commission to create multiple artworks with an Airbnb in Bangkok Thailand. When the airbnb finally transitioned to an office, the painting that you saw in this picture was also sold to the new owner of the office.

Let's start to co create together !