Turned out all right

Turned out all right

It finally happened ! … Omniverse is going to its new home and rightful owner 🤍🥺 But before I tell you about this miraculous story. Let me share you what happened before this joyous moment.

This painting was originally a mistake.

Hear me out …

I was initially commissioned to do an artwork for a client. However, it turned out that the artwork wasn’t what the client want because I went ahead to do my own thing without checking up with him during the process.

I’ve learn a crucial lesson here

‘Always check in with what your client want’

This incident made me grow so much as an artist. I am not saying to completely disregard your authenticity. But there is a way to mold and balance between the artist style and clients’ requirement.

After all, it is a co creation process that makes each painting so unique 🤍

I will share how Omniverse found it’s rightful owner in the next post. Stay tuned ✨😚

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