The 3 year mark and the added layers

The 3 year mark and the added layers

Where did all the time go ?

I had to remind myself that time itself is not as linear as what our conscious mind perceive. We only use the concept of time as an anchor point to sink in the human experience into existence.

But back to the earthly realm with the linear time perception, I was so confused when facebook reminded me that I have been painting for more than 3 years !

Wow…. I still remember my first time picking up a tiny brush like it was just a year ago.

Amid my confusion, I suppose that all these accumulated experiences had made me more confident in each stroke, color choices and the added layers.

I am so grateful for the universe that led me to this mysterious path of creativity and heart-centered flow. I am grateful for all the people that believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself back in my infant days. I am grateful for all the feedback and commission work that help mold me to who I am today as an artist.

But most importantly … I am grateful to be able to share what I love to the world.

Abstract painting is my temple of peace and serenity.

3 years in and I am falling in love with the process more than ever.

To the many more years to come and to what will unfold for all of us.

With much love and light,



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