How abstract painting change my life ?

How abstract painting change my life ?

Just the question already got me near tears as I am speechless of the unfoldment of this unexpected journey

But this is how it change my life …

Abstract painting made me know that I am limitless. I am more than a normal 9 to 5 job kind of gal. I am much more than my logical mind and beyond my 3D human perception. Abstract painting is my magical portal out of this gloomy world and into the colorful journey spiritually, mentally and physically.

Because I love to connect with people, abstract panting made it possible for me to connect with people on their deepest level. I am always intrigue when people reach out to me to buy or commission my paintings. This is because I know that they are connecting with my painting through their subconscious or higher self level :).

I recall one guy told me that he got bullied for liking my painting because that person think that my painting is not great … He asked me how am I able to tolerate this kind of comment ? I told him that it’s because I really don’t care. People who resonate will and that is the kind of people you want to stay close to anyways. So in a way, abstract painting makes it even more possible for me to be true to who I am than ever before.

With much love and light,


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