The awakening

The awakening

While 2020 has been a CRAZY year for all of us, I definitely can’t leave the year unacknowledged. I have changed and shifted so much that I can fully say that I am completely a different person. One can say that I have been reborn again. I found my way back to my power. I would like to give thanks to the universe for all that IS and all that will ever BE. This moment is a PRESENT. I now truly understand the meaning. I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL for this existence.

So here is to 2020. Let me share with you what I have learnt so far in 2020.

  • I learn to LOVE myself much much more

  • I learn to channel my art more intuitively

  • I learn SOOOO many new skills including art flow, creating a website, reading tarot/oracle cards, editing videos for YouTube, buying cryptocurrencies (yes, you heard me!), drop shipping, trading and not to mentioned the whole range of my spiritual awakening journey

  • I learn that we are the CREATOR of our world and the outer world is ONLY a reflection of how we feel inside

  • I learn to quite my mind and to listen to myself

  • I learn to exercise much more efficiently and in a FUN way

  • I learn that ALL that there is the FREQUENCY

  • I learn that by me BEING and EXISTING on this planet is ENOUGH. I should not feel guilty of not doing enough.

  • I learn that LIFE is crazy hard yet magical

  • I learn that THIS present moment is all there ever IS and will ever BE. So make the most of it.

  • I learn to LET GO of things that doesn’t serve me anymore.

  • I learn that AWARENESS is KEY :)

With much love and light,

Jhoanne Asva

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