Process of creation

Process of creation

I came across an interesting Youtube channel title ‘How writing online made me a millionaire’

The profound 15 mins message content that I got out of it was that people do love to hear the process of creation. It will never become a tiresome theme. I found that to be very insightful as a wise man once say that the it is within the ‘Creation process that lies the true journey’. The final outcome is only the by-product.

That rings so true to me on so many levels …

So today, I would love to share with you the process to my abstract painting art

Step 1: Inspiration

Unlike most artist, I came into a conclusion that my inspiration is very much on the subconscious level. I don’t try to go find inspiration to make art. I let life take me where I need to go and let things flow. I found that my inspiration lies within the emotions that I feel from the experiences I encounter. Be it new love, sadness, depression, sadness, neutrality, etc…

Step 2: The calling

The calling to paint is very much random. I can go for days, weeks or months without painting. Then BAM! Next thing I know I go flying off my own pace to try to find a canvas or a painting brush to start a new piece or a piece that I have been putting on hold for sometime. I can’t tell you exactly how I came into this ‘rush awareness’ but it appears that it is like I am tapped into a source field at the moment to paint.

Step 3: The colors, canvas and brushes

Ah yes … My choice of weapon is acrylic painting. I find that acrylic painting suits my personality with its vibrant colors, non-smelling and fast charging medium where my brain goes a billion miles an hour when I start to paint. I also love nothing more than to paint on a frame canvas where all the colors can be put on layer after layer without the wrinkly effect. The worst thing about me (that I must admit) is that I am really bad with my brushes after use. That being said, the scraps and crudeness after neglecting to wash the paints off the brush right afterwards in the end help adds the 'extra’ texture to the painting.

Step 4: The first layer

The first layer is like a ‘warm up’. This is where I can do whatever I want on the canvas with an experimental color coordination phase. It is the most liberating space you can ever get during a painting process. My go to background, believe it or not, is usually black color. Darkness in the end is the much needed aspect to light up an artwork.

Step 5: The added layers

Like clockwork - Once the first layer is done, the next layers will be more strategic with the colors coordination, shadow work, dimension, etc. Sometimes I do have a point of color palette to work on. But nowadays I am more called to just pick this color and mix that color intuitively. It is this stage where I think I am mostly in a trance like/channel mode of my creation source field. This is where I feel that I am in the ZONE. Nothing can disturb my peace of mind here.

Step 6: The cooling down

After the intense trance like state, I will take a picture of the painting to see what is missing, what needs to be add on, what needs to be done. If I still have any energy left, I will continue to paint. But if not, I will take a rest and keep looking at the painting until I am satisfied.

Step 7: The contemplation (and redo)

More often than not, I will take a week or longer break from the painting before I can come back to work on it again. It could be a whole new painting on top of the previous one or it can be an add on to the ones I have already done. Either way, the painting that I usually do on top of cooling down period seems to click into place like magic.

Step 8: The sharing

What more fun when you finish your work than to share it to your family, friends and to the world. I do it in hopes of that someone who resonates with my paintings will take the needed energy that I channelled through the painting to help catalyse, realign, reconnect or recharge that persons energy field to their higher self.

I paint in hopes that I can help touch people’s heart. It is the Intention of the creation that is also the epicenter of that creative flow

With much love and light,

Jhoanne Asva

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