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Laylas Light

Extraordinary Love

Extraordinary Love

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Size: 80*100*3 cm 

Mix Media: Water colour, acrylic, chalk and spray paint

Feature: Flat stretch canvas on wooden frame. Note that this product does not come with exterior frame. 

What Extraordinary Love means to me ? 

When I was young, I recall that one of my early prayers was to be able to experience extraordinary kind of love. The kind of love that would WOW me to the core 🤍

I’m not gonna lie. The path to extraordinary love has not been easy for me. It’s filled with buckets of tears and a lot of broken hearts along the way.

But as I stand here on this very day, I now realized that my prayers have been answered all along.

Extraordinary love is the love I get to feel with each decision that I make each day. It is the ability to feel deep love for myself even when I don’t find myself lovable. It takes hella load of strength and courage to be human.

I hope we all find our extraordinary kind of love in our own unique way.

This painting represents my heartbeat that has gone through all the ups and downs my journey. 

With much love and light,
Laylas light

Shipping Policy

All shipment will be done through a trusted provider in each category. 

(1) Original and Commission work

  • Free shipment globally 
  • Duration: Post artwork completion: 5-7 working days in Thailand / 7-14 days to Rest of the World 
  • Shipment for all artwork under the categority will be in a flat canvas 'over' wooden frame and ready to hang mode

(2) Fine Print Arts: 

  • Free shipment globally 
  • Duration: 5-7 working days in US & EU/ Rest of the world: 10-15 working days
  • Framed shipment: Flat Art Print in a mounted frame and ready to hang mode
  • Unframed shipment: Roll Art Print in a secure cardboard shipping tube

(3) Oracle Cards

  • Fee: Thailand: US$1.50 per deck/ Asia (ex. Thailand): US$15 per deck/ US,Canada,UK,EU,AUS: US$20 per deck
  • Duration: 1-3 working days in Thailand / Rest of the world: 7-15 working days

*Important note: All fees excludes import tax

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