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Laylas Light Art is meant to touch your heart & uplift your spirit

Check to see latest update to see where you can see Laylas Light Art at an exhibition !

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Multidimensional A Solo Exhibition

'Multidimensional Exhibition - Completed'

Transcend your reality and explore new dimensions with "Multidimensional," a solo art exhibition by Laylas Light. Step into a captivating world of high vibe hyper color art that serves as a portal to otherworldly realms. Prepare to be transported beyond the boundaries of your mind and space as the vibrant hues and energetic compositions create an immersive experience like no other. Discover the power of art to transcend limitations and unlock the doors to new possibilities.

Exhibition Details:

  • Location: Verde Art Cafe & Restaurant at Sukhumvit Soi. 26
  • Date: 21 June - 21 Sep 2023

Join me for an extraordinary journey through art and imagination.

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International Woman Art Exhibition - 6th Edition for Art Connects Women, Dubai

I am selected as an Art Ambassador representing Thailand to join the 6th Edition of Art Connects Women - Dare to Dream event in Dubai.

Art Connects Women is a socially engaged artistic annual initiative for connecting female artists from around the world in celebration of International Women's Day, which will take place from March 8th to 11th 2023, under the theme “Dare to Dream”. 

The event is welcoming over 100 female artists from over 112 countries coming from Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Check out the Art Connects Woman event via the official website: https://www.artconnectswomen.com/theme/


Eternity Show Case

I am thrilled to see my artwork being exhibited at the Al Habtoor Palace, Dubai from 10-11 March 2023. This is my first ever physical show case and its in an international platform.

gala night

Award Night

Receiving an award as an art ambassador under the art connects woman event on 10 March 2023 that is supported by the UNESCO patronage.

a Tale of a dream

112 remarkable woman artist from all over the world

One of my most favorite part of the event was for me to meet with other powerful female artists around the world. I was in awe by this incredible experience. I am grateful to be part of the dare to dream event. Can you spot me and see how happy I was ?