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Jhoanne Asva, Creator of Laylas Light Art

Jhoanne Asvathitanonta is an artist whose vibrant abstract creations embody the essence of freedom and vitality.

Laylas Light is her creative alter ego, setting her spirit free on the canvas. In a quest to shatter the chains of conformity and embrace a life less ordinary, she embarked on a journey to discover her true calling. In 2019, she stumbled upon abstract painting and immediately felt a profound connection. Within the realm of abstract art, she found a place where rules vanished, enabling her to fully immerse herself in the pure essence of self-expression and authenticity. It became a sanctuary where she could simply "be" and unleash her creativity without limitations.

As she deepened her spiritual journey, she learned to connect her energy with source, further fueling her artistic fire. With each brushstroke, she channel her inner spiritual essence, creating pieces that radiate boldness, vibrancy, and cosmic inspiration. Laylas Light Art is more than just paint on canvas; it's an Awakening, a Transformation, and a Healing experience.

Join Jhoanne on her artistic odyssey and experience the profound transformation that her work evokes. Delve deeper into her world and witness the evolution of her art by following her instagram @laylas.light.