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Laylas Light

Personalized Wallpaper

Personalized Wallpaper

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Get ready to give yourself a potent upgrade with a personalized digital phone wallpaper that can shift your life into another level.

*All you have to do is fill in a short form at 'Your Cart' page after you click to add product to your cart (see sample picture)* We will do the rest for you ! 

The ‘Art Oracle Wallpaper’ is multi-facet co creation product that combines 3 sacred art forms (1) Laylas Light abstract artwork (2) Chinese numerology and (3) Color elements to boost your energy field by adhering to your date and time of birth.

The magic of the Art Oracle Wallpaper has been a phenomenon in Thailand for those who believe that everything around us is made out of energy. Since we spend majority of our time in front of a screen in this modern age, why not make sure that your device is carrying the right frequency for yourself.

Please allow us 3-5 working days to revert back. It will be life changing.

Co creation details

Your specialized ‘Art Oracle Wallpaper’ will be a co-creation between 2 souls - Laylas Light & Tim.

‘Tim’ is a reputable Thai astrologer/fortune teller with more than 25 years of experience in various fields. Tim’s expertise includes Advanced Numerology, Advanced Thai Astrology, Traditional 10 Ascendants, Chinese Astrology, Palm Reading and Fung Shui. He had work with more than 5,000 clients including politician, top management in private and public entities, celebrities and many more. His work has been recognized as one of the top in his areas of expertise. While his work is mostly word-of-mouth, you can also find more information on his social media -

To note that part of the proceeds from his work will be donated to charity.

With the specialized wallpaper, you can choose up to 2 topics that you want to work on in your life.

For example, love & career, career & abundance, protection & health, etc

No matter what kind of upgrade you want to work on, we can help assist your energetic field.

Shipping Policy

All shipment will be done through a trusted provider in each category. 

(1) Original and Commission work

  • Free shipment globally 
  • Duration: Post artwork completion: 5-7 working days in Thailand / 7-14 days to Rest of the World 
  • Shipment for all artwork under the categority will be in a flat canvas 'over' wooden frame and ready to hang mode

(2) Fine Print Arts: 

  • Free shipment globally 
  • Duration: 5-7 working days in US & EU/ Rest of the world: 10-15 working days
  • Framed shipment: Flat Art Print in a mounted frame and ready to hang mode
  • Unframed shipment: Roll Art Print in a secure cardboard shipping tube

(3) Oracle Cards

  • Fee: Thailand: US$1.50 per deck/ Asia (ex. Thailand): US$15 per deck/ US,Canada,UK,EU,AUS: US$20 per deck
  • Duration: 1-3 working days in Thailand / Rest of the world: 7-15 working days

*Important note: All fees excludes import tax

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Instagram: DM @laylas.light

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